Homework Help!


Now-a-days when you pick your kiddos up from school their day is far from over. Between spelling and math homework, daily reading and usually some sort of after school activity, it can be hard for both you and your little one to juggle it all. As parents, we know that the work sent home from school requires just as much our attention as it does our kids (thanks science fair projects). This week we are listing a few of our favorite tips to make homework time a little less stressful on everyone involved.

First thing first, have a dedicated space for your kids to complete their homework and studying. A clean space with few distractions and all the tools they need to complete their homework will make things far less hectic for both child and parent.

Second, keep it quiet! Studies show that it’s best for kids to complete their homework without TV, video games or distracting music.

Third, fuel up their little bodies! Chances are it’s been a long day for your little one! Give him/her a break when they walk in the door to unwind a bit and fuel up with a healthy snack!

Fourth, and finally, teach your kids to put their homework back in their bookbag right when they finish! This will help you avoid the morning panic of “Mom! Where did YOU put my homework last night?!” Plus, it helps them learn to become responsible for their own belongings. #winwin

Back to school is a hectic time, we get that! We hope these tips help you and your family balance it all with a bit more ease. We want to hear from you so be sure to leave your pro mom tips in the comments below!

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