How to Plan a Nanny Meetup in Your Area

Planning a nanny meetup can be a great way to network with other nannies in your area to share advice and stories, and to get you and your kiddos out of the house for a bit. However, the thought of planning and organizing an event may seem overwhelming in addition to your regular schedule – but it doesn’t have to be! Here are our tips for organizing a nanny meet up in your area!

Connect with other nannies

The first step to begin planning nanny meetups is to connect with other nannies in your area. One of the best places to start this search can be social media since many areas already have an existing group for local nannies to connect. If your area does not have a group, create one! You can start by inviting any nannies you already know, and encourage them to do the same. If you are just beginning to network with other nannies, you can reach out to your local Twinkle Toes office and ask us for email addresses of other nannies in your area. We’d also be happy to help spread the word when you start your group!

Setting a day and time

Once you have a nanny group established, you need to choose a date and time to have your meetup. In smaller groups it may be easier to coordinate a time that works for everyone, but a larger nanny group may have difficulty due to a variety of schedules. It’s best to take a poll for days and times to allow for the most number of attendees. You may also want to consider shifting the day and time for future meetups to allow for those who could not attend to join you next time!

Choosing an activity

When planning a meetup it is important to choose somewhere kid friendly but appropriate for all ages. The nannies in your group will likely have charges of varying ages, so you will want to be sure everyone can participate and have a good time! Also keep in mind the potential cost of an activity – you don’t want to plan something that could exclude others because of the cost. Some free and low-cost locations and activities that we like are:

  • Local parks or playgrounds. This is a great free option that is fun for all ages! You can play on the swings and jungle gym, or organize a kickball game or scavenger hunt. Hosting a meetup at  a park is an easy, no cost option. You can even encourage everyone to pack a lunch and have a big picnic!
  • Daytime bowling.  Many bowling alleys offer discounted rates during the daytime, especially for children!  
  • A trip to a museum, aquarium or zoo. Some places may offer free admission all the time, while others offer discounts on certain days, or for children of certain ages. These are great places for entertainment AND education, and they offer some fun for nannies as well.
  • Storytime at the library. Local libraries often offer storytime during the day for children of different ages, and it is usually free! This is a great way to organize a quick meet up if those in your group are limited on time.

Planning the next event

Don’t stop planning after your first event! Stay connected with the other nannies from your meetup, and begin planning your next event right away. Each group will have different ideas for how often to meet, so it’s important to discuss with the other nannies what works best for everyone. For some, a standing weekly meetup at the park might be perfect, while others will prefer to plan one big event per month. Encourage other nannies in your group to take the lead in planning the next event, or take a vote for the next location. Making sure that everyone feels connected and included in the decision making process will help keep your nanny meetups successful moving forward!

If you’re feeling inspired to plan a meetup in your area, call us today and we can help connect you with other nannies in your area!

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