Rainy Day Activities

Summer days are usually full of sunshine and fun outdoor activities, but occasionally rain comes, keeping you and the kids cooped up inside. When you’re stuck in the house all day it is hard to not turn to electronics to keep from boredom. Below are some fun indoor activities to keep kids of all ages entertained!

Bake – Getting creative in the kitchen is fun for all ages. The kids can help you read recipes, measure out ingredients, and decorate cookies and cakes. Then everyone is rewarded for their hard work with a yummy treat!

Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep the kids busy all day. You can easily find objects around the house and hide them with clues for the kids to solve. This is a great game to customize for different ages.

Indoor Picnic – Bring the outdoors in and have an indoor picnic! Grab a blanket, some books, and have the kids help you make some sandwiches.

Make Play Dough or Slime – For a spin on traditional, store bought Play Dough make your own from scratch with some common household ingredients. Another twist on Play Dough is homemade slime which is made with only three ingredients and can be easily customized with glitter, beads, and different colors. A quick internet search will provide plenty of recipes for each!

Board Games – Go old-school and bring out the board games. Board games are a fun and educational way to keep kids entertained on rainy days.

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