What is a Nanny?

There are many options available to parents and guardians when choosing childcare and if you’re new to the search, it can be daunting to begin to understand what sets nannies apart from a babysitter. Read below to learn more about the advantages of hiring a nanny for your childcare needs!


Nannies are involved in the day-to-day life of children


The primary difference between a nanny and a babysitter is the level of involvement they have with the children they take care of, and the amount of time they spend with them. Nannies are typically responsible for all aspects of child care while the parents are at work. Which leads to the next point…


Nannies have more responsibility and broader scope of duties


Nannies are usually responsible for planning and coordinating the child’s entire day! Nannies will plan and prepare meals, drive kids to and from activities, assist with housework like laundry or dishes, and provide homework help. From knowing your little guy likes his PB&J without the crust, to inventing a new board game, to planning a trip to the aquarium, nannies can do it all!  


Nannies have experience and skills


Finding a qualified and trustworthy person to care for your children is important! Many nannies have extensive background experience with childcare, having nannied for a number of years, worked for a daycare or preschool, and some even have teaching degrees. A nanny is someone who has years of experience and is considered a childcare professional. Professional nannies come from agencies (like Twinkle Toes!) and have undergone an extensive pre-screening and interview process.


Nannies are a consistent presence


When a family chooses to hire a nanny, it is often for a commitment ranging anywhere from a few months of summer care, to two years of care until a child is ready for preschool. A nanny may work a few days a week, or everyday while the parents are at work, depending on the needs of the family. Babysitters on the other hand are typically used on an as-needed basis, such as parents having a date night, or attending an event.


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