• We have been helping families in the Gainesville area since 2011.
  • We have been helping families in the Jacksonville area since January 2013.
  • We've been serving the Tampa Bay area since December 2014.
  • We've been serving the Pinellas County, FL area since January 2016.
  • We have been helping families in the South Orlando area since May 2016.
  • We have been helping families in the Cobb County, GA area since August 2016.
  • We have been helping families in the Tallahassee, FL area since July 2019.
  • We have been helping families in the Nashville area since July 2019.
  • We have been helping families in the Memphis, TN area since January 2020.

We find our nannies by advertising online, in newspapers, church bulletins, and by word of mouth.  Everyone passes a criminal background check that includes a national search as well as a county search, a civil background check (which will show things like restraining orders, evictions, custody issues, etc.) and a driving record check.

At Twinkle Toes, WE do the majority of the interviewing so that you don't have to.  We spend our time weeding out the nannies that we know will not be perfect for you and only send you our top picks.  Typically, for a full time position you can expect 1-3 applicants. We do not send a lot, but we only send the best. Our goal is for you to have a really tough decision after meeting the applicants.  And generally, most families choose either the first or second applicant that they meet. We are THAT good!

For nannies who are going to have a regular schedule we feel it is best for you and your family to meet them as part of the interview process. We coordinate a meeting so you and the nanny can ensure you are compatible. Occasional or one-time childcare requests are filled by the same high quality, vetted, Twinkle Toes Nannies and you will be provided a picture, info sheet and verified references of your Twinkle Toes Nanny ahead of time but you likely will not meet the nanny beforehand.

If you have a set, consistent schedule then you will have the same nanny every time.  The only exception is if your nanny is sick or out of town. If you only use Twinkle Toes for sporadic needs such as emergencies or date nights, we cannot guarantee the same nanny each time.  We do, however, make every effort to send the same nanny as we believe consistency is best for everyone, especially the children. If a nanny you've used previously is not available we will send you another equally qualified nanny and will make sure you have their profile, photo, and references ahead of time.

Yes!  Twinkle Toes nannies understand that their job includes not only caring for the children, but also caring for your home.  While we are not a cleaning service, it is reasonable to ask your nanny to help with things that are a part of daily upkeep.  She will gladly help with dishes, folding the kids' laundry, etc. She will also make sure you don't come home to a mess. Our general rule of thumb is to leave your house in better condition than it was when the nanny arrived.

If your regularly scheduled nanny gets sick or is otherwise unexpectedly unavailable, we've got you covered!  Our policy is for the nanny to contact us first and then immediately let you know. We will contact our on-call nanny, who is another Twinkle Toes nanny just as qualified as your regular nanny, and let her know she is needed.  We will then touch base with you to let you know who can be there as a substitute. If you decide to decline the on-call nanny that is totally fine. You have the final say, but we strive to have a backup option for you. While Twinkle Toes makes every effort to find a backup nanny in every situation, we cannot guarantee that one will be available.

We are always here to help with any schedule adjustments. If you have a last minute request or change please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to find you the help you need or make the adjustment with your already scheduled nanny. If you have an ongoing schedule with a nanny whom you have formed a relationship with and it is easier to discuss these changes with her then feel free to do so. The nanny will keep us informed of these changes.

We are a full service agency and as such, offer ongoing support to make sure your nanny relationship is successful. If you're having issues with your nanny early-on in the relationship, those issues can usually be overcome by a very simple conversation. We suggest utilizing our 30 day review (enclosed in your initial paperwork) as a tool to start this conversation and keep the relationship on the right track.

If you've made reasonable attempts but feel that your nanny is just not the right fit, please let us know. We are happy to help you correct the situation either by intervening with the nanny or by sending you new nanny candidates to interview.

Our payment process is very easy! We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) and you will set up your secure payment method on your profile. 

When your nanny leaves your home you'll have the opportunity to sign off on her time to ensure accuracy before you are billed. She will submit her timesheet to us once a week and your card will be charged accordingly. You will receive an email that provides the charge details and transaction number as well as a pdf of the invoice. 

The family contract states that you are not permitted to pay the nanny directly unless the agency is made aware.  For that reason, tipping should be done through the agency. If you're especially pleased with the service you've received, just let us know and we'll be happy to add a tip to the nanny's paycheck. Feel free to give gifts for holidays, birthdays, etc. as you see fit.  Just make sure you drop us a line to keep us in the loop!

Absolutely! Just ask!