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Keishly Rivera, Owner


My name is Keishly Rivera, owner of Twinkle Toes™ Nanny Agency, Cobb County. I am originally from Puerto Rico, and attended college in Florida where I earned a Bachelors in Psychology and minor in Applied Behavioral Analysis. During my freshman year, my journey as a Twinkle Toes Nanny began. I have graciously served families in our Gainesville and Tampa Florida branches. During my 3rd year as a Twinkle Toes member, I expressed interest in becoming a part of management; which led to the opportunity of becoming the Recruiter for our Tampa branch. For over a year, I have had the pleasure of helping families find the ideal nanny to meet their familial needs, while also helping nannies find their perfect family. It has been such a rewarding experience being a part in providing exceptional and hassle free childcare for our clients. So much so, that when the opportunity arose to purchase the Cobb County branch, I did not hesitate. Throughout my years, I have learned the importance of communication, respect, kindness, and dedication to better serve our families and nannies. It will be an honor to serve the Cobb County residents!

I look forward to working with you and your family!

Keishly Rivera, Owner