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Nicole Quadreny
Hello, I'm Nicole and I am the Owner of Twinkle Toes™ Nanny Agency, South Florida. I have lived all over but did a majority of my growing up in South Florida! I graduated from the University of South Florida, Tampa with a degree in Integrative Animal Biology. During my Sophomore year, I was introduced to Twinkle Toes Tampa and nannied throughout the rest of my college years. Graduating during a global pandemic was challenging which resulted in me moving back home to Fort Lauderdale. Not knowing what my next steps were going to be I decided to reach out to Robin and Kristy and they encouraged me to open a South Florida location! In college I was the Membership Vice President of Recruitment, as well as President for my sorority, therefore I took a lot of interest in the recruitment and management aspect of the agency. I believe the Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency is both convenient and allows nannies and families to develop more than just a working relationship.

My favorite part of the job as a nanny, and now as an owner is an ability to create a trustful and loving relationship between families and nannies. I love interacting and meeting new people and am excited to create more relationships.

Nicole Quadreny

Fun Facts

  • I love the gym and weight train 4-6x a week
  • Coffee is the key to my heart
  • I enjoy going to the beach in my free time